Review: Can You Really Triple Traffic and Shares with One Tool?

I first heard of this tool from Managing Editor of Search Engine Journal @KelseyJones because it was created by one of her writers, VP of Marketing at When I Work @SujanPatel. All I knew about the tool was that it crawls the content you publish for any mentions of anyone, authors or brands, and then allows you to notify them with just one click. It wasn’t much information, but I was intrigued. You visit the website, and it says that this is an easy way to see 3X your traffic and shares, and so again, I was intrigued. The website also features testimonials, one sentence of which stood out to me:

“The world doesn’t need more content, it needs better content reaching more people.” –Heather Anne Carson,

I completely agree! It all seems to make sense, but is there a catch? I tried the tool for several days to see what it was all about so you don’t have to, so check out my review below.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using 

The experience starts out the same way your experience with most tools and websites starts out—by typing in your domain and clicking “Start.” You then login through Twitter and you’re off.

If you want to use the tool as a free tool, all you can really do is send a tweet with a mention, as you can see in the screenshot below. Nothing too exciting. It’s really the upgraded version ($9 per month) that is worth trying. There is a 14-day free trial, and this is where you’re able to scan your posts. You can also research your contacts and let the tool help you so that you can be sure to mention someone specific in your next post. Below is a screenshot of your dashboard (with a few instructions that I left visible):


The New Outreach option let’s you create email, Twitter, and contact form campaigns so that the tool can help you automate sending personal messages if you’re into that. I personally never recommend automating messages, however.

If you do decide to scan a post, you simply click the Scan button as shown above, copy a URL into the search bar, and then you’re taken to a page that will pull all of the mentions you made in that post like so:


The colored dots next to all of the information tell you how certain the tool is that the mentions are still accurate. Once the tool finds these options, it’s up to you to click Start Outreach if you’re interested. If you want to reach out, you’re taken to a page that looks like the one below where you can choose your method of outreach:


Once you’re finished, you can easily navigate back to your dashboard screen to look at all of your projects, or all of the times you used the tool to send an outreach message.

The Negatives to

My very first thought was the fact that you have to have an @mention or email address in your post. Once you’re using this tool and you know how it works changing the way you write to include @mention’s or email addresses as opposed to just names or just using @mention’s in general wasn’t a big deal, but it does cause you to slightly change the way you write. Again, it’s not a big deal, but it seems like something a developer could potentially improve in the future to give us writers more options with the same benefits the tool has with @mentions.

The Verdict

After using the tool for several days, it seems like the logic is sound. It would take several months to really determine if 3X your traffic and shares is an accurate statistics, but I believe them when they say it because the tool works so well. We go crazy trying to form important connections with influencers and trying to get our names out there through shares, so being able to identify those you are helping and vice versa is a great way to create these partnerships. A tool like this encourages us to mention external sources and gives us even more motivation. As you can see, I’m planning to use this tool for this very post!

So what’s the verdict? I say absolutely this is a great tool to use and it’s something that really works. Give the tool a try at and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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