Webmaster Guidelines Update, AdWords App on iOS, and Yahoo Redesign

Although small, there was quite a bit of news this week regarding Google and Yahoo that may have an impact on your website. It’s important to stay up-to-date on some of the latest changes to make sure you’re still in line with best practices and you’re using all of a search engine’s features to your advantage. Consider some of the search engine news we saw this week and what it means to you below.

Google Webmaster Guidelines Get an Update

Search Engine Land calls the changes “significant” despite only a few lines being changed and added. Google Webmaster Guidelines are the place to learn about all things Google when it comes to SEO and online marketing best practices shakes things up a bit. While the quality guidelines remained the same, it was the general guidelines that saw all of the updates. The changes included:

  • Expanding some of the examples they offered regarding how Google finds your website and your webpages. Below is a screenshot of what was added and revised:

  • More ideas on how to make it easy for the Google bots to determine what your pages are about and how you can help them understand you. Below shows these updates:

  • Tips on how to improve your webpages for your visitors, as shown below:

  • Removed the wording “even if you chose not to implement any of these suggestions” that was previously included in the first section of their guidelines. Clearly Google is trying to tell us that you now really need to be taking this seriously.

Overall, you’ll simply find more examples, more content, and more links to different resources to learn more. The guidelines look much more organized and use subheadings to help break up the copy, but it’s also broken up into what are called “content blocks,” as you can see below:

Overall the new style makes it easier to understand than the previous layout that lumped all bullet points into just three categories (design and content, technical, and quality). You can see the guidelines and changes here. Again, I highly recommend taking a look to make sure you fully understand best practices and/or as a refresher.

The Google AdWords App Is Now Available for iOS

Until now the Google AdWords official app was only available to Android users, so although it may not seem like anything too groundbreaking, it’s a big deal that it has finally arrived for iOS users globally (most experts agree that with the increase in mobile pressure, Google took entirely long to get this available). So why is the app so important?

The app will allow you to see campaign performance statistics, update your budgets and bids for certain campaigns on to the go, and see your billing status and where our ad stands, and much more. Essentially everything you’re able to do in your AdWords account on a desktop you can now do on your phone for the first time. This makes it easy to stay in the loop regardless of your schedule. Below is a screenshot of what the app looks like:

You can download the iOS AdWords app here from the App Store.

Yahoo Redesigns Their Homepage to Include More Relevant News

The latest Yahoo design allows you to see a news stream as opposed to having to open individual tabs for every article you want to read. If you’re a researcher or love reading your news online, you can see why this design is such a great move. It allows you to scroll through related stories with editor-selected news stories at the top of the page and then the most relevant content to a user alongside those top stories. You can see an official example from the Yahoo announcement below:

The new design also gives you the option of getting notifications in real-time for breaking news, and you can now comment directly inline with the news stories. Their new design is based on the latest mobile trends, so it’s easy to see why the design has the potentially to be extremely successful. News will now be consistent across multiple platforms.

Give the new design and the new app a try and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

is courtesy of http://www.highervisibility.com


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