7 Last Minute Marketing Ideas for the Fourth of July


The Fourth of July holiday is like an oasis in the desert. Mid-summer, the holiday gives people a break and a chance to celebrate something in seasonal style. It should come as no surprise then, that the average U.S. household spends around $70 on Fourth of July festivities and products. According to the Retail Trade Association, Americans are expected to spend more than $6 billion over the holiday weekend this year, making it the perfect time to rev up your marketing efforts and cash in on the Independence Day spirit.

Lucky for you, this holiday practically markets itself. If you haven’t put together a game plan for capitalizing on this weekend, here are a few easy, last minute marketing ideas for the Fourth of July.

  1. Offer shipping specials.

Every seasoned online shopper knows that holidays bring good deals, and the Fourth of July is no exception. In fact, many online shoppers will hold off on making purchases until a holiday offers sale prices or shipping specials.

If you’re looking to inspire some online sales for your business, try sending your email subscribers codes for discounted or free shipping through the Fourth of July. Maybe even dress the email up with the red, white, and blue color scheme.

  1. Add a patriotic treat to each sale.

America: home of the brave, land of the freebie. Tucking a little something patriotic into every sale leading up to and/or through the Fourth is just the added incentive consumers need to check out their shopping cart.

Buttons, a sparkler, a little flag bracelet-whatever freebie suits your product or service best. Your freebie might even be a limited edition product for the Fourth, as long as it’s easy to add to purchases and cost-effective.

  1. Have a social media photo contest.

If your business has a loyal following on a platform like Instagram or Facebook, a social media photo contest is a great way to quickly boost your visibility. Here’s an example from a retailer:

Common contest prizes are gift cards, free products, or awesome discounts. Plus, it gives your clientele a chance to get creative! To expand your reach, make tagging a friend part of the contest rules and watch your audience multiply.

  1. Create a holiday hashtag.

Creating a holiday hashtag for Fourth of July festivities is a great way to keep track of all the online buzz happening about your brand. For example, if you’re a jewelry store hosting a special sale for the Fourth of July, you could ask your customers to post pictures of their purchases with #LetFreedomBling.

Though it may seem like a silly, all too easy component of a last minute campaign, it can actually unify your marketing efforts and is something customers are more likely to share. Think of a catchy, holiday-themed slogan and start pubbing it out as the official hashtag.

  1. Play with different content formats.

Holidays are a good time to take a stab at creating different forms of highly engaging content. As users browse online blogs and retailers, they’re likely to click on timely content related to the Fourth of July experience.

Now might be the time to make a quiz or piece of trivia about Independence Day/U.S. history facts, or maybe there’s a Fourth of July gif you can make. The weekend  traffic will create a clickable, willingness for users to engage with interesting content, making it the perfect time for a little marketing trial and error.

  1. Create relevant content.

A holiday weekend is an excellent time to connect with users through content, because it provides a chance to offer useful information for exactly what’s on their mind.

Use this time to create content that will actually help people, such as holiday hacks, recipes, party ideas, Fourth of July crafts, or featured looks for the weekend. By creating clickable articles with relevant and timely insights, you can drive user views through effective content marketing.

  1. Join up with a local event.

Another way to make the most of last minute marketing is to jump on board with a local event. Nearly every town or city has a parade or festival over the Fourth of July weekend. These are great opportunities not only for brand exposure, but to interact with customers you wouldn’t normally have within your reach.

Find the local Fourth of July events near you and see if your business can participate. Whether it’s a food truck festival, an outdoor concert, or a parade, there will be a marketing opportunity somewhere.

is courtesy of http://www.highervisibility.com


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