2 Quick Tips for Talking About Tech & SEO


When it comes to the bustling world of tech and SEO, there’s always more to learn. Updates roll out regularly, new tools are always being introduced, and practices are sharpened. The natural ebb and flow of this tech world is seemingly focused on producing faster, better, smarter advancements that stimulate intertwined disciplines, such as journalism and e-commerce.

While the pace of this industry is certainly something that always keeps it interesting and competitive, communicating from within the industry to those (unfamiliar or uninvolved with tech and SEO) outside the industry can pose a challenge.  That presents a problem for those of us who are responsible for communicating on behalf of clients seeking tech and SEO services, and a failure to effectively communicate can contribute to industry ambiguity that makes it all seem suspicious. To avoid some of that communication failure, try putting some of these tips into practice.

  1. Keep the lingo simple.

Somewhere between middle school and high school people pick up the notion that wordiness makes writing sound smarter. The language of tech and SEO is already foreign enough for those unfamiliar with it, so big ticket, supererogatory words (like supererogatory, for example) make communicating these ideas even messier. When it comes to email correspondence and content writing especially, keep your language clean and simple. Tidy content that users of all kinds can quickly skim through will out-perform any lyrical stanzas you write about PPC or SMM.

On the subject of acronyms: When I first entered the tech and SEO scene, I distinctly remember being intimidated by all the acronyms. During my first few weeks working as a content writer, I spent a lot of time pretending to know what all the acronyms meant while in meetings, and having to Google their meaning later. Unless you’re speaking with someone you know has a working knowledge of tech and SEO, assume all acronyms need to be accompanied by the full term. It also never hurts to ask how familiar someone is with tech and SEO terms and practices.

  1. Make everything actionable.

The last thing you want is to have someone read your article about an awesome new practice, and then have no idea how to get started or apply what they’ve just learned. The same goes for clients seeking SEO services; if at the end of a pitch or explanation the client is staring blankly at you, you’ve made a wrong turn. There’s so much information that’s constantly cranked out that it can easily seem overwhelming and difficult to apply. That’s why giving clear instructions on where to go with the information you give someone is such an important part of talking about tech and SEO.

When writing or working with a client, it helps to highlight the key actions or takeaways, as well as specific steps for moving forward. Aside from giving the person a little direction, it reinforces whatever discussion you’ve had about tech and SEO, and solidifies an understanding of the industry that the individual can continue to build upon.

is courtesy of https://www.highervisibility.com


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