Location Optimization Tool Adds Analytics


A marketing platform we’ve previously discussed on this blog has added a new tool to their lineup of services and features. PinMeTo, a company that offers localization solutions for brands of all sizes, has developed Insights, a feature that details the social media reach of brands and their posts.

The Insights feature records and reports everything from likes and shares to clicks and comments. The clean and user friendly interface of the Insights tool holds true to the local-optimization-made-easy theme of the PinMeTo platform, giving brands and businesses the most straightforward look at their social reach. It also includes a “Negative Feedback” section, which reports the number of times posts are hidden and pages are unliked. The monitoring of negative feedback allows brands to gain a better understanding of the kind of content users don’t want to see so they can focus more on what they do want to see.

pinmeto Location Optimization Tool Adds Analytics

In seeing and understanding exactly how users are reacting across different platforms, brands can effectively rethink their marketing strategies. This could not only help businesses achieve more effective promotion and branding across a broader audience, but potentially save them money as well.

How? In having a simplified way to see the measured impact of brands and their posts across social media platforms, you can compare it to traditional marketing forms, such as print or TV advertising, and see where you’re getting the most traffic. That being said, it’s no secret that marketing, advertising, and user behavior has been shifting towards digital/mobile for quite some time. For businesses seeking local optimization and a clearer understanding of which social platforms are worth their time, PinMeTo provides specific, detailed information.

“Stores that publish weekly specials and flyers on paper, such as Home Depot or grocery stores, would actually save money by using our tool,” PinMeTo COO Andre Tiwari explains. “Insights can be used to develop an e-flyer. It’s better for the environment, they will reach more people, users can share and tag their friends, and people would have the e-flyers with them all the time.”

PinMeTo has proven to be quite successful for the businesses using it. With the help of PinMeTo’s Insights and other features, one of their smallest users, Redfellas, accumulated over 2 million views in just 54 days. Perhaps more importantly, the Insights tool guided the brand’s marketing in the right direction. Sometimes simply finding the right direction is the hardest part of carving out an online presence for your brand. As PinMeTo continues to ease that difficulty and evolve as a digital service, you can expect to see more businesses flocking to this type of tool.

is courtesy of https://www.highervisibility.com


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