Spotlight Subject: Quality Score


If you’re familiar with AdWords, then you’ve definitely heard about the somewhat mysterious Quality Score (QS). But even if you’re not big into PPC or don’t have an AdWords account, QS is still something you should know about-especially since some exciting new updates were rolled out earlier this week.

What is Quality Score?

Within AdWords, QS represents how Google rates the quality and relevance of keywords and PPC ad campaigns. It’s calculated by accounting for a handful of factors, including CTR, the history of a past keyword performance, keyword relevance to ad group, and so on. Google keeps how much each of these factors weighs pretty private, which has made understanding QS notoriously mysterious.

Being aware of and understanding QS as best you can is important for those investing in PPC practices, because it could be affecting their budgets. A low QS results in a higher cost-per-click, and a high QS results in a lower cost-per-click. Your QS also affects the moving parts and pieces of search advertising campaigns, and a low score can significantly reduce the success of your traffic.

What changes were made to Quality Score this week?

Released on Monday, September 12, new updates to QS were released that may alleviate some of the surrounding gray area. Whereas keywords with little or sparse history would get a low QS, they will now get a null score. Instead of seeing a default AdWords score of 6, you will now see dashes. This will be a more transparent way to report and more accurately determine a keyword’s true QS.

QS Spotlight Subject: Quality Score

While how quality score is exactly calculated remains somewhat of a mystery, there are certain practices and procedures you can follow to improve your quality score, which we’ll explore more next week.


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