7 Marketing Podcasts You Should Listen To


A great way to broaden your creativity and get ideas about professional growth is by absorbing as much information as you can. This gets difficult when you have to be on task during your workday, especially since the last thing you want to do when you get home is read articles on the latest marketing hacks and happenings. That’s why podcasts make such a great middle ground for expanding professional knowledge on the fly. You can listen in while hitting the gym, in the car, taking a walk, or cooking dinner.

If you’re looking for a way to mix up your work flow and learning process, subscribing to podcasts might be the next best move for you. You can absorb tips, tricks, insights, and discussions from 2016’s best marketing podcasts.

  1. Marketing Over Coffee

This podcast is a weekly discussion of the latest, greatest, and breaking news in marketing. It’s news-based rather than topic based, which is particularly helpful if you like to stay in the know. The episodes are all about half an hour, which is why so many listeners love catching up with the podcast during their commute. Their news coverage includes social networks, SEO and SEM, email marketing, multivariate testing, copywriting, and even “old school” offline marketing campaigns.

  1. Copyblogger FM

Copyblogger is one of my favorite blogs to follow for content hacks, and their podcast doesn’t disappoint. On the podcast, the host (Sonia Simone) speaks with a cast of rotating experts who analyze and discuss content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, and all the content-driven marketing topics you can think of. This weekly podcast will keep writers on their toes.

  1. Social Media Happy Hour

At just 15 minutes long and 5 days per week, Social Media Happy Hour is a great way to unwind at the end of your work day. The short segments are jam packed with as much witty banter and entertainment as they are loaded with tips and tricks to help the modern day networker. Female hosts Dawns Marrs Ortiz and Traci Reuter discuss techniques and trends across all social media platforms while dishing insights on how to leverage social media for your business.

  1. Content Warfare Podcast

The cool thing about Content Warfare is that it’s primarily done interview style. The host, Ryan Hanley, picks the brains of “the Internet’s most prolific content creators” to get success secrets, tips, ideas, best practices, and much more for listening. His guests include experts in content marketing, writing, social media, and even podcasting, to name a few.

  1. Duct Tape Marketing

Also an interview style podcast, host John Jantsch interviews authors, experts, and leaders to share their business marketing tips and resources. Less concentrated in topic, the Duct Tape Marketing podcast covers a variety of topics relevant to marketing.

  1. The BeanCast

Provided by the Cool Beans Group, the BeanCast is a roundtable style discussion within the marketing and PR community. The episodes feature notables across advertising, marketing, and more to provide unique angles and insights for every topic.

  1. The Marketing Companion

After listening to this podcast, you’ll be left wishing you could hang out with hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster. Self-claimed as the world’s most entertaining marketing podcast, the author/consultant/blogger/research/raconteur duo cover everything from social media to content strategy. The episodes are entertaining, insightful, and sure to offer a unique angle from two seasoned experts.

is courtesy of https://www.highervisibility.com


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