Why You Need to Cast a Bigger Content Net


It can be really discouraging to constantly write about the same things over and over again. But when you’re working to become an expert and authority on a certain topic, writing about other things can feel counter-productive to that goal. After all, why would I write about animals or fitness when I’m trained in digital marketing? But writing about the same things over and over isn’t the greatest idea either. It can lead you straight into sloppy, burnt out writing.

In fact, many people understand and experience the hazards of excessively writing within their niche, and even more practice and encourage writing about a broad range of topics. Here’s why.

  1. You can give your brain a break.

If you continuously write about the same things over and over, you’ll wear yourself-and your interest level in the subject-down to a nub. Writing outside your niche gives your brain a chance to think about different topics from other angles, refreshing your creativity and allowing yourself breathing room from your industry.

Plus, it’s much easier to come up with read-worthy things to say when you invest yourself in an array of topics as opposed to just one.

  1. You’ll reach more people.

Volume can spike significantly when you stray from your core topic. For example, an SEO expert might guest blog about experiences and ideas regarding social intelligence, management best practices, or time management tips. Those topics aren’t exactly about SEO, but they all speak to a different part of an experience that a broader group of people can relate to.

You can use writing outside your niche to draw the attention of more people, therein building a following of users you might not have reached otherwise.

How to Get Started

So, now that you’ve decided casting a bigger content net is the next step for your content marketing strategy, how do you go about making that happen?

First and foremost, start with research and critical thinking. Don’t just choose any random topic and start writing about it. Think about other areas you have some knowledge in and the kind of audience it attracts, and ask yourself what you can gain by writing there.

From there, try and make some connections. Writing on other blogs is a great way to give your brain a break from your own blog while also reaching more people. Collaborating with other bloggers is also an effective way to brainstorm, come up with new ideas, and strategize.

is courtesy of https://www.highervisibility.com


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