3 Tips for a High Performing Etsy Shop


Managing your own e-commerce can be a lot of work. Keeping up with maintenance, activity, and security, all while trying to promote the site, is a lot to balance. The demanding nature of e-commerce sites might be why many people looking to sell their goods online often opt for a platform requiring less work, such as Etsy.

Etsy, a peer-to-peer e-commerce platform, has been marked by significant success and growth throughout its development. In just a decade, Etsy grew from 5 to 54 million users, with an average of 25 million active shoppers and 1.6 million sellers. That ratio of shoppers to sellers is promising, and with a built-in consumer base, it’s easy to see why many artisans and goods providers opt for an Etsy shop in lieu of their own e-commerce site.

However, having an Etsy shop as opposed to your own e-commerce site doesn’t get you off the hook completely. There are still many avenues for the optimization of your Etsy site that can give you a top performing shop. Here’s how you can make sure you’re ready to compete.

  1. Fully develop your product.

There are 35 million products listed for sale on Etsy. So, before you can even start the optimization process, you need to fully develop your product to make sure it’s in the top tier of the other 35 million products it’s competing against. A few things to consider in evaluating your product:

  • Uniqueness: What does your product have that makes it superior to others?
  • Presentation: Is the delivery and presentation of this product exceptional?
  • Improve: How can you make what already exists better?

Thorough optimization starts with a well-developed, quality product, so make sure you have that as a starting point. Tip: seek feedback from existing/previous customers or host a survey if you need ideas on how to improve your products.

  1. Be thorough on your Etsy shop page.

Before you optimize your Etsy shop internally or externally, be sure to have all the necessary components of your Etsy page filled out with current information. On your page, you should have a banner showcasing the name and logo of your shop, location and sales information, an about section, links to social media accounts, policies, reviews, and much more. A polished shop looks like this:

unnamed 3 Tips for a High Performing Etsy Shop

This serves as an important point of branding for your business. You can easily create your own logo, add pictures, and make your shop look like the whole package.

I recommend using the About section you’re provided to make your brand more personable. Tell users who you are, what you make, how you got started. Putting a story behind the brand will compel users to give you their business over the next competitor.

Etsy2 3 Tips for a High Performing Etsy Shop

  1. Keywords, keywords, keywords.

Using the right keywords is an important part of Etsy optimization both internally and externally. To start, ask yourself what words and phrases potential customers would likely be searching for to come across your product. Conducting some keyword research to see with phrases and terms best suit your products will help you narrow down your focus for SEO. You can also look at the keywords your competitors are using their copy to get started.

Once you determine which keywords and phrases you should be targeting, use them in your product titles, descriptions, and Etsy page copy. The copy in the Announcement and About section of your Etsy shop play a critical role in how your page gets search for both within Etsy and on search engines at large. Curating this copy with unique, specific, and high quality keywords and descriptions will help drive your page’s searchability.

is courtesy of https://www.highervisibility.com


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