Trying New Content: Who, Why, & How to Get Started

Hitting a wall in your content production is a pain. But perhaps even worse is hitting a wall in your content production without realizing when it happened, why it happened, or that you’ve hit a wall at all.

If you’re experiencing a lull in content engagement or have noticed a drop off in the successfulness of what you’re putting out there, it might be the kind of content you’re creating. An all-too-common tendency for some blogs is to churn out content with an “X number of posts per week” goal that takes away from the quality of what you’re producing. Yes, it’s a great idea to have a goal number of posts in mind, but not if it’s costing you your creativity.

Turning out identical post after identical post can create a certain predictability that turns users off. If it feels like they’re seeing the same thing over and over again, they will eventually stop coming back and search for more stimulating, engaging content. This, of course, is bad for your SEO.

On the plus side, mixing up your content types isn’t particularly difficult, can rev up your engagement and therefor SEO, and potentially unlock new ideas about how to connect with your audience. Check out these top content types for SEO and engagement, and try to implement them on your content calendar.

3 Content Formats To Try for Successful SEO

  1. Videos

I’ve talked a lot about video recently, because it’s an increasingly popular content format that is/will be wildly popular in 2017. The role of visual content is really important when it comes to user behavior, and having a well-done video-whether it’s a tutorial, an explanation of a subject, or a compelling showcase of a product-can attract all kinds of users.

  1. Other Visuals

Infographics, photo galleries, and other such visuals should dominate your marketing strategy. Users respond favorably to visuals, because it grabs their attention faster than a block of text. One study even revealed that content with relevant images gains 94% more views than content without, so it’s definitely time to beef up your content with visuals.

  1. Long-form Guides

Yes, they take a while to create, but the gain from having a thorough resource guide, beginner’s manual, or other long-form content piece is worth it. By offering your users something valuable that they can learn from and work with for free, you’re establishing your website as a useful resource with a whole lot to offer. Not only that, but a compelling piece of content with a longer format generally keeps people on your site longer, which is good for SEO.

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