The Most Effective Link Building Strategies for Your 2017 Plan

If there’s one SEO practice more prone to sketchy, black hat temptation than the rest, it’s probably link building. Link building can be so helpful and positively boost the ranking of a website, and that’s what makes people want to automate their link building strategy to get instant results. The consequences of automated link building far outweigh the benefits, and there are plenty of ways to obtain the high quality links you need without resorting to any sketchy practices. Here are two of the most effective link building strategies you can incorporate into your link building this year to get the results you need.

  1. Create Linkable Assets

We do this at HigherVisibility all the time. Creating linkable assets refers to the creative process of coming up with content ideas that will appeal to others in a way that generates links. Let’s say, for example, you’re an online boutique selling women’s clothing. For that kind of business, a linkable asset might be something like an infographic about 10 staple items to have in your closet by the time you’re 30, or a guide to finding the perfect dress for every body type. It’s a piece of content that offers utility and value to users without being too self-promoting, enough so that other websites think, “Hey, this is a great tool for my users, I’ll gladly post it on my website.” Infographics, resource guides, visual content, tutorials, and other such products can serve as linkable assets that get you the high quality links you need for healthy link profile.

  1. Panels, Interviews, “Ask the Experts”

One way to get as many links as you can from a single piece of content is by incorporating multiple people in your posts. Panels, interviews, and roundup are all ways to do this. Most people are receptive to being featured in an article by someone affiliated with their industry, so getting people together isn’t all that difficult. Start by coming up with a content idea, and then putting together a group of people you could ask questions about the topic. Once you draft your content piece, put together a plan to promote the post, including having those featured in it sharing it across their platforms. Again, most people are eager and willing to share posts in which they’ve been featured.

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